LaTeX Template for MS Thesis in UET

While I was working on my MS thesis, I defined a basic template for it using LaTeX. It can be a baseline for any student who needs to write his own thesis. In this post, I’m going to share this basic template and some tips about using it.

To use LaTeX, you need to have LaTeX compiler and a good editor. You can download TeXnicCenter (editor) and MikTex (compiler) and start using the the template provided at the end of the post. Following are some guidelines while using this template:


Following is the screenshot of some pages:

Page 1:



Page 2:


Page 3:


Page 4:


Page 5:


Page 6:


Page 7:


Page 8:


Page 9:



Some Tips:

  1. master.tex file contains all the main content and the chapters are also included in this file.
  2. The style folder contains all the styling for the thesis.
  3. There are two chapters included Chapter1, Chapter2. You can create more but you need to include them in master file.
  4. You can also compile individual chapters by uncommenting the top and bottom lines in each chapter.

Note: You may need to install some packages to use this template. When you compile the master file in MikTex, it will show you the required packages and will install them. Also note, that all the departments may follow their own practices so you need to confirm the format and modify it accordingly.

That’s it!

So download now and start writing your thesis the LaTeX way 🙂


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